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AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project. It is a custom ROM distribution for several high-end Android devices. The name is a play on the word kang and AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The name was sort of a joke, but it just stuck, just like our infatuation with unicorns. We fork the source code of Android that Google puts out in the open with every major version release, and we then add the magical unicorn bytes (read: we add some of the coolest features that are both useful and make your ROM awesome). With AOKP, you can generally do a lot more with your device than what you could do with the original firmware that came installed on it.
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aokp_cancro_mm_nightly_2017-01-07.log 14 Download 246 Download 2 Download
aokp_cancro_mm_nightly_2017-03-03_recovery.img 5 Download 0 Download
aokp_cancro_mm_nightly_2017-03-10_recovery.img 2 Download 73 Download
aokp_cancro_mm_nightly_2017-03-24_recovery.img 4 Download 0 Download 1 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-02-14_changelog.log 0 Download 1 Download 0 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-02-20_changelog.log 0 Download 0 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-02-27_changelog.log 0 Download 0 Download 2 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-03-01_changelog.log 0 Download 47 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-03-02_changelog.log 1 Download 2 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-03-24_recovery.img 0 Download 1 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-03-25_recovery.img 0 Download 154 Download
aokp_cancro_nougat_nightly_2017-03-26_recovery.img 54 Download

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