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Beginning with work on governor and scheduler tweaks, then ranging from kernel/recovery ramdisk modifications to GApps, my development work varies widely but generally deals in flashable zips, scripts and various forms of automation. I am the creator of the AnyKernel2 kernel zip format, Android Image Kitchen, and a major proponent/pioneer of shell update-binary flashable zips. Please check out my "Odds and Ends" thread via my XDA Profile link for a more comprehensive list.
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boot-8.30.14-5-unified.img 424 Download
boot-r398-3-synapsed.img 108 Download 189 Download 136 Download 146 Download 186 Download
mtd4-recovery-g18ref-osmod.img 208 Download
mtd5-boot-g18ref-osmod.img 172 Download 21136 Download 5097 Download 184 Download
twrp-3.2.1-0-fbe-4core-angler.img 9060 Download
twrp-3.2.1-0-fbe-4core-bullhead.img 6806 Download 62 Download
twrp-installer-{version}-{device}.zip 20 Download

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