Optimize - Optimize the fingerprint recognition rate of anti-flicker mode

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar
New - New lock screen clock customization! Available in Settings --> Lock Screen, Password and Fingerprint --> Lock Screen Advanced Settings --> Lock Screen Time Style Customize. This feature does not take effect on third-party themes
Optimize - Optimize the prompt copy of the password before entering the fingerprint
Optimize - Optimize the hidden bangs and the status bar switches to non-bangs model status
Optimize - Optimize the UI style of the screen display
Optimize - Optimize the calendar icon style under the interest screen display
Optimize - Optimize the UI and experience of the screen selection page
Fix - Fix the problem that the fingerprint shortcut function cannot be opened normally under the horizontal screen state
Fix - Fix the problem that the fingerprint unlocking fails under the interest screen
Fix - Fix a problem where there was error when the rear fingerprint was locked in a few cases

Fix - Fix camera stability issues

New - Add photo page to add year view function
Optimize - Optimize classified album cover loading

New - Added anti-blink mode, global DC dimming, go to Settings -> Display -> Anti-Flicker mode [MI9]
Optimize - Optimize Wi-Fi list collation
Optimize - Optimize Wi-Fi list sorting strategy
Fix - Fixed an issue where the mobile network type was incorrect in the SIM card status in some cases

Game acceleration
New - The new version of the game accelerates the homepage, and the interface style is completely new.
Optimize - Game toolbox is fully upgraded, support one-click switch network card function

Virus scanning
New - Added support for "one-button change"

Security center
Optimize - Optimize the response speed of the harassment interception record page
Fix - Fix the bug that the double open APP disappears after the phone restarts.