Optimize - Shows the function of shutting down the countdown when the new battery is exhausted

Application lock
Optimize - Added support for Google contacts to lock

Lock screen, status bar, notification bar
Optimize - When the lock screen is bright, double-click the screen to display the screen function.
Optimize - Added the ability to switch SIM cards in the shortcut switch
Optimize - Optimize the animation effect of automatically retracting after clicking the switch
Optimize - Optimize the jump page after the long press of the screen capture switch and the screen switch
Optimize - Optimize the adjustment battery charging icon display
Fix - Fix issue with status bar not showing calendar notification icon
Fix - Fix the problem that the call interface pops up the notification bar message
Optimize - Optimize the way to turn on the lock screen camera by holding the camera icon to the left

Security center
Optimize - Added dark mode detection to support the problem that the three-party application cannot be turned off after the dark mode is turned on.